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Short History of Ficksburg

Ficksburg is a town situated at the foot of the 1750m high Imperani Mountain in Free State province, South Africa. The town was set up by General Johan Fick who won the territory in the Basotho Wars. The last Governor-General of the Union of South Africa and the first State President of South Africa, Charles Robberts Swart was imprisoned here by the British in 1914 and released one day before his scheduled execution.

It’s an important agricultural region of the Free State where crops like corn and mealies (maize) are grown. The most important part of the annual crop of Ficksburg is the harvesting of the cherries on the numerous cherry farms surrounding the town. The region is also known as the asparagus region of South Africa. Hundreds of tons of asparagus are harvested from September. Other kinds of fruit like peaches, apricots, cherries and apples are also grown in the region.

Interesting facts

  • The Old Millin Gumtree is the highest sandstone building in South Africa
  • Dinosaur footprints can be viewed in the area
  • The San people lived in the area, and many rock paintings can be seen
  • Ficksburg was founded in 1867. Its town hall was built in 1895
  • The jail near the Dutch Reformed Church is where the first president of South Africa, CR Swart, was held for treason, and is now a historical monument. In town there are numerous arts and crafts that can be viewed and bought including weaves, cherry products and sandstone products