Welcome to Ficksburg

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Ficksburg - Home of the exciting Cherry Festival, gateway to the lesotho mountain range and filled with legendary shops like the BLIKPLEK.

Ficksburg nestles at the foot of the Imperani Mountain and on the banks of the Caledon River, the border with Lesotho,with magnificent views of the majestic Malutis as a backdrop, changing with the seasons, from the purple haze of summer to the snow clad slopes in winter.

The annual Cherry Festival is the longest running festival in South Africa. The cherries are harvested from October to December and the festival is heldIt is held in November each year. It stretches over 3 days and attracts up to 30,000 people. The festival presents quality family shows and activities like the herding of sheep, horse rides, camel rides, helicopter flips, steam train rides at Sandstone Estate, tours through town to see the beautiful sandstone building architecture which Ficksburg is also very well known for.

Other notable festivals are the annual Jazz festival. Other than the festivals visitors can enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants in town or go cruising on the Meulspruit Dam at the weekend.

Ficksburg also has a wide variety of well established upmarket and luxurious guesthouses, B&Bs and an exclusive 3-star hotel serves as luxurious accommodation for tourists visiting the town.